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    PeruNews Peruanos en el Exterior - PEX08:41 pm Monday 15/08/2022
    Director: José Cabada Delgado

    Pachamanca: For a taste of ancient Peruvian Cooking, head Vermont #NYT

    ♥ Thank you @nytimes @priyakrishna for this incredible article, we are very grateful for your time and dedication to expose Pachamanca in all its splendor, captured with such deep emotion. We are excited to welcome everyone to our home @esmeraldavermont to celebrate with us in the green mountains! 💚 LINK AND BIO

    Our next event will take place on 23-25. July, tickets go on sale @resy tomorrow, stay tuned! Capacity of 24. #pachamama #vermont #love #trust

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    «Cada PERUANO, en el exterior, es un Embajador del PERÚ» / José Cabada Delgado
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